Rotterdam Graffiti wall Workshop

serina williams photography rotterdam photographer fotografie

When I organized a search party for models i could use to gain experience and knowledge, I did not know it would attract nearly 100 different models to choose from. Besides models, a few photographers wanted to be part of this shoot as well, which gave me an idea.

In just a few days I organized a photo shoot day. It was going to be three models, three photographers ( including me) and a makeup artist. In no time I created a team that would be presented the very next Saturday.  Everything but the MUA  though.. but that would not let me down in continuing this incredible day.

We took the chance to shoot at this huge wall full of graffiti and decided to use it as a backdrop for our photo shoot.

These are a few images of Kim;


A few diamonds from Senna Kay.

Fierceful Mariska




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