Fotoshoot – Daphne Bogaert

2. Your favorite local vendors or partners that your ideal client should check out. Why? Because it helps your potential clients (something that’s key to effective blogging) and you can then ask those vendors to share your post to their social followers, too.

3. Advise them on how to best prepare for a shoot. Why? Because they want to know this information, and it will make them more confident about hiring you.

4. A behind-the-scenes look at one of your shoots. Why? Because what you do at your shoot is surely unique and people want to know what it’s like to work with you as a photographer.

5. How you help clients pick the best images. Why? It helps your prospective clients understand how you think and your expertise.

6. What you bring with you to a shoot. Why? Because, again, people are voyeurs. They like to know what the person they may hire has that will benefit them if they do decide to hire you.

7. Your favorite client shoot of the past season. Why? Because it will connect more potential clients that are similar. If they see that you really enjoyed a shoot like the one they may be thinking about, it will be all-the-more-encouraging to them.


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